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OLCA Elected Positions P&P as of 10.28.23



Position Title: President


Term of Office: Two (2) years, elected by membership




I.       Serve for two (2) years and is the Chief Executive Officer of the Association and Chairman of the Board of Directors.


II.      Preside at all meetings of the Association and Board of Directors.


III.     See that all recommendations submitted to the Board of Directors are duly considered and all actions carried out.


IV.     Appoint the chairman and members of any special committees (including but not limited to Scholarship and Awards) as required; subject to approval of the Board of Directors.


V.      Invites other members to Board of Directors meetings as necessary.


VI.     Be a member ex-officio of standing and special committees.


VII.    Be a member of the Finance Committee.


VIII.   Appoint an OLCA member-at-large (not a member of the Board of Directors) to serve on the Finance Committee.


IX.     Request and receive periodic reports from chairman and officers as needed.


X.      Represent affiliate at meetings and activities planned for affiliate Presidents at conferences.


XI.     Provide testimony on behalf of OLCA as appropriate in public hearings, forums, et cetera or designate appropriate others to do so.


XII.    Nominate or seek nominations of a qualified member to fill the unexpired term of any elected officer, to be subsequently approved by the Board of Directors.


XIII.   Represent or appoint official representative to allied groups when requested, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.


XIV.   Provide prompt feedback on State, National and International business to the Affiliate Board of Directors, and General Membership.


XV.    Maintain communication with the ILCA/USLCA Regional Representative (if available) assigned to the Affiliate and with the US Delegate.


XVI.   Have general powers of supervision and active management usually vested in the office of President.


XVII.  Notify IRS of all changes in documents or By-laws in order to maintain non-profit corporation status


Meeting Attendance:


1.     Membership meetings

2.     Board of Directors meetings

3.    Finance committee meetings

4.     ILCA Annual Meeting          

5.     Standing and Special committee meetings as designated

6.     Allied group meetings



Position Title:  Past-President


Term of Office: One (1) year term following term as President




I.    Serves as a Board of Directors member. 


II.   Advises President and Board of Directors as necessary.


III.  Serves as Chair of the Nominations Committee.


IV.  Performs duties as assigned by Board of Directors and President.


V.   Represent OLCA at conference or meetings at the request of the Board of Directors.


Meeting Attendance:


1.       Membership meetings

2.       Board of Directors meeting 

Revised November 2022




Position Title:  Vice President


Term of Office:  Two (2) year term elected by membership.  (In the event that the Presidency is

                           vacated, follow the bylaw policies #7 vacancies.)




I.    Serves as chair of the Education committee + conference team (composed of CERPs

     secretary, Speaker Coordinator, Facilities Coordinator and volunteer OLCA members.)


II.   Direct the activities of the Affiliate in the absence of the President.


III.      May be assigned additional duties by the Board of Directors.


IV.    Coordinates Grant and scholarship applications.


V.   Represents the Board of Directors on the conference planning committee and keeps the President updated on progress.


VI.  Assembles and approves conference planning team.


VII. Liaison to Ohio Department of Health. Delegate position to others as needed based on qualifications, preferably RN or RD with First Steps and hospital setting experience


 Meeting Attendance:


      1.         Membership meetings

      2.         Board of Directors meetings

      3.         Finance Committee meetings

      4.         Education Committee meetings

      5.         USBC or USLCA annual meetings

Position Title: President-Elect


Term of Office: One (1) year as president-elect, prior to term as President.

Qualifications: In addition to the qualifications outlined in the bylaws, the President Elect must have served OLCA in good standing as either a member of the Board of Directors or as an appointed Committee Member.



I. Serves as a Board of Directors member.


II. Reads all material published by OLCA.


III. Learns the role of the President of OLCA.

IV. Undertake and/or supervise projects or committees as assigned by the Board of


V. Draft any needed policy recommendations based on the President-Elects’ activities in this position.

VI. Serve as the Chair of Nominations Committee in the absence of a Past-President.


VII. Represent OLCA at conference or meetings at the request of the Board of Directors.


Meeting Attendance:

1.       Membership meetings

2.       Board of Directors meetings

3.       Standing and Special Committee Meetings as designated

4.       Allied group meetings as designated


Revised November 2022, June 2023

Position Title:  Secretary

Term of Office:      Two (2) year term elected by the membership


I.    Records minutes of:      Board of Directors meetings

                                          Membership Meetings

II.   Provide copies of minutes for the Membership Committee and the Board of Director meetings will be forwarded to the President for review prior to approval of the aforementioned groups.


III.  Shall preside at OLCA meetings in the absence of the President, Vice-President.


IV.  Keep active file of all minutes for the past 5 years.


VI. Notifies promptly all candidates on the ballot of the outcome of the election and notify the President of election results along with board of directors and then send out to OLCA members.

      VII. Maintain statement of continued existence with the State of Ohio…


Meeting Attendance:


1.       Membership meetings

2.       Board of Directors meetings

3.       Finance Committee meetings

4.       Tellers Committee

Position Title:  Treasurer


Term of Office:  Two (2) year term elected by the membership




I.    Finalizes the upcoming fiscal year budget by June OLCA Board meeting.


II.   Notify the chairman of each committee of the money budgeted for the use of that committee.


III.  Manage financial activities of the Ohio Lactation Consultant Association:


A.   Checking Account Receipts:  Deposit all monies received into an OLCA bank account.  All checks and money orders received for deposit are stamped or endorsed “For Deposit Only, Ohio Lactation Consultant Association (Account Number).”


B.   Disbursements:  Pay promptly all bills incurred for OLCA activities.  Reimburse committee chairman and officers after obtaining an itemized expense record from the person being reimbursed.  Mail checks or electronically send funds to ILCA, IBLCE, ONA and other vendors for Affiliate dues, Continuing Education applications and other services received.


C.   OLCA Ledger Book:  Record all financial transactions in the OLCA  Ledger Book or electronic media with a hard copy back up.


D.   Track Expenditures:  Track all expenditures against budget.


IV.  Present treasurers report at the Board meetings, and Membership meetings.  Provide a written copy of the report to the Secretary and the President.


V.   Record membership annual dues from members


VI.  Coordinate membership information with membership chair.


VII. Maintain a current policy and procedure manual specific to the position of Treasurer and copy to the President.


     VIII. Draft budget for the next year/incoming.  Treasurer may call meeting of the Finance Committee OLCA Board of Directors (plus incoming Treasurer, if there is one) and one (two) member(s)-at-large who is knowledgeable regarding OLCA finances and assigned by the President for a one-year term to give input into the budget and review expenses. 

IX.  End of year budget to be completed in timely manner to be approved at June (Spring) OLCA membership meeting.

X.   Submit financial records for external review at the end of each fiscal year.

XI.  Will consult with accountant annually regarding organizations tax status; financial review annually; professional financial review every other year with office of treasurer; audit as recommended by the accountant.

XII. Maintain tax exempt status documentation with state of Ohio

XIII.  Outgoing Treasurer will facilitate bonding for both incoming Treasurer and President prior to bank account transfer.

Meeting Attendance:

1.     Membership meetings

2.      Board of Directors meetings

3.      Finance Committee meetings

       Revised June 2023

Position Title:  Regional Representatives

 Term of Office:  Two (2) year term elected by geographic area by ballot. Terms of service are not counted toward the term limits of officers that are elected by the entire membership.


Ohio is divided into 5 Geographical regions as follows:

Northeast         Northwest               Central             Southeast         Southwest


A.   Qualifications

                  1.   Live or work in region

                  2.   ILCA (suggested but not mandatory) and OLCA member (mandatory)

                  3.   OLCA member for at least 1 year

                  4.   Not a member of the current executive committee

                  5.   Will attend all board meetings or send a report

                  6.   Available for conference calls

                  7.   Experience with breastfeeding mothers

                  8.   IBCLC certification not required

  1. Southwest and Southeast regional representatives will be elected in even numbered


      C.      Northwest, Northeast and Central regional representatives will be elected in odd numbered years.



  1. Serve as communication link between Board of Directors and geographic area.

  2. Regional updates are to be submitted to the OLCA Newsletter Editor at least quarterly

  3. Are contact persons for OLCA members in their area and will bring concerns of their constituents to the Board Meetings.

  4. Are asked to contact health departments, WIC clinics, related organizations/institutions, and Coalition meetings in their region to ascertain the needs of members 

  5. Work closely with the President and may be asked to attend meetings, manage OLCA displays and represent OLCA in their regions.

  6. Will be asked to assume other duties as needed and may act as librarians. 

  7. Coordinates geographic activities as necessary, including publicity of OLCA meetings and conferences. Notification to area members to go to WEBSITE and other media outlets for cancellation notice/ to be posted by President by 7 AM of day of meeting.

  8.  Serves as OLCA representative to allied meetings as necessary.

  9. If unable to attend a meeting, arranges for substitute from OLCA membership geographic area.

  10. Other duties as assigned and mutually agreed.

  11. Assists Facility Committee for OLCA meetings held in the region.

XI. Contacts and communicates allied groups in region as needed.

XII. Contacts and communicates with allied groups, including Breast feeding coalitions in Region.

XIII. Participates as a member of the Nominating Committee for OLCA.  Nominates successor.

Meeting Attendance:

1.       Membership meetings

2.      Board of Directors meetings

3.      Finance Committee meetings

4.      Breastfest registration table

Revised June 2023

Past President
Vice President
President Elect
Regional Representatives
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